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People and teams determine the future success of an organisation. It begins with really understanding where the organisation wants to get to. Getting to know the organisation really well and gaining a feel for what makes it tick. Clear and open communication. About the profile, mission and timelines. With clear delivery moments.

And we set the bar high. Every mission is successfully completed!


People-oriented and data-driven

Executive+ mediates for leaders who succeed in making the difference in the new world

Step 1


Challenges, the phase of the organisation and the requirements of the mission are mapped out by means of 360 degree discussions

Step 2

Target group profile

The recruitment and target profile is drawn up, paying close attention to the person and their unique qualities

Step 3

Market research

Not just the database, but the entire market is reached, thanks to our thorough and results-oriented approach

Step 4


Screening and interview. The best candidates are selected with attentive, personal engagement and with keen insight

Step 5


Presentation of the best candidates and feedback on the signals from the market in the interest of fostering your employer branding


Open positions

Commercial Director

ENGIE Services Noord Brabant

Strategic Procurement Manager

ENGIE Services Midden Nederland

Managing Director

SME company Central Netherlands


Production company in the Randstad region

In view of the confidential nature of positions, not all vacancies are listed


The right people make the difference

A selection of successfully fulfilled positions

  • CPO
  • CFO
  • COO
  • CEO
  • Director Engineering
  • Group HR Director & Board member
  • Managing Director
  • Director Projects
  • Director Sales & Marketing
  • Managing Director
  • Group IT Director
  • Commercieel Director
  • Legal Director

"Distinctive thanks to creativity, invigorating, passionate and results-oriented. That is how I have come to know Sijanka” Loes van Meer CPO ENGIE

"Excellent eye for and knowledge of the context of the organisation. Quick to adapt, to-the-point, no surprises" Bart Terlunen HR Director ENGIE Services South

“Senior discussion partner, with a critical view, purposeful and with excellent knowledge of the market” Angelique Kruijf Group HR Director Kloosterboer

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Sijanka Lievaart

Passionate and entrepreneurial

Results-oriented and personal

Ambitious and critical. Proactive and skilled in building relations. And above all level-headed, inquisitive and creative. Works with an approach that is transparent and results-oriented, with keen insight into processes and business cultures. More than 20 years experience of senior management and successful recruitment and selection, both as an independent entrepreneur and within corporate environments. Owner of Executive+ since 2011. Proven track record in mediation of directors and board positions in a wide variety of sectors.

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Kasteel Dussen

Binnen 1
4271 BV Dussen

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